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Exterior Wall Repair Fort Worth

Exterior Wall Repair Fort Worth

Exterior walls are an essential element of your property. They are what protect the interior of your home, keeping your family and belongings safe. Besides, these surfaces are among the most demanded, since they support the weather.

That is why, eventually, some walls of your property may suffer damage. In such cases, it is essential that you pay attention and carry out a wall repair promptly. It is crucial to know the types of damage that may occur and how best to correct them.

Which Are the Most Common Types of Damage to Exterior Walls?

Defects in your exterior walls can have various causes. In any case, the wisest thing is to consult a specialist contractor for advice. These are the most frequent minor damages:

  • Small Holes: usually the result of domestic accidents, rodents, and the removal of obsolete elements (such as an old installation, for example). The repair will depend on the type of material, and whether you only want the hole to be covered, or expect the finish to be similar to the rest of the surface.
  • Large Holes: repair in the home and some significant accidents such as fire or water impact can generate this failure on the surface. The extent of the repair will depend on the size of the hole and its location. Also, the technique used by the specialist will have an influence, since if, for example, the filler has to be added, the cost will increase.
  • Stress Cracks: the settlement of the foundation can cause these cracks. They can also be caused by seismic activity, some structural problems, or the poor installation of another element. While a break may not be as complicated to correct, it is essential that you and your trusted contractor pay attention to the cause to avoid further damage.
  • Tipping: this failure is a warning of a significant problem, which must be addressed in advance. They usually come from foundation failure or some other severe structural problem. To repair them, make sure the source is appropriately corrected.
  • Falls: Falls can have several origins. These include design defects, structural problems, and water influence. In any case, the contractor will be able to indicate the best strategy to repair your wall, taking into account the origin of the failure.
  • Unintentional damage: On some occasions, an unexpected event can occur that damages your exterior walls. This can include a falling tree, a weather phenomenon, a flood, or a car impact, among others.

How Is the Best Way to Repair Damage to Exterior Walls?

Regardless of the type of failure, it is wise to use a professional contractor. Keep in mind that usually inside all walls, there are various types of installations such as water or gas pipes, and electrical networks.

If you go to a regular mason, they will only have the experience to deal with the structural part. You should also look for a plumber, an electrician and probably a painter. On the other hand, if you have the support of an expert wall repair contractor like Texas Pride Restoration, you will have a one-stop solution.

This type of company has specialized personnel who are appropriately trained to deal with this type of problem. Besides, if any skilled work is required, the contractor has experts in the different areas on the staff. Finally, keep in mind that the best companies like Texas Pride will provide you with a guarantee, which will give you a backup in case things don't go as you expect.

How Does the Contractor Do Your Exterior Wall Repair?

First, the specialist will make a thorough inspection to determine the causes of the failures, and the full extent of the repair. Keep in mind that if you have insurance, you can probably make a claim for the damages, which may prevent you from paying for all or part of the repair.

In any case, the contractor should prepare the necessary estimates to complete the project. The best companies like Texas Pride will even be able to support you with claims and insurance negotiations.

Once the resources for the repair are approved (either by insurance, by you, or by agreement of both), the expert will begin the work necessary to restore your exterior wall and return it to 100% operability.

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Exterior Wall Repair Fort Worth
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