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Home Builder Boerne Jim Boles is a reputable home builder Boerne who specializes in building custom homes. His hands-on approach, over 16 years of experience in building custom homes, attention to detail, and high-quality craftsmanship set him apart from other builders in Texas. Visit JimBolesConst.Com for more information and to view his portfolio.

An energy efficient home will not only save the environment—it will help you save money and reduce your heating and cooling expenses, too. Once you decide to build a custom home, talk about energy efficient solutions with the home builder Boerne that you will choose. Here are some of the ways that you can build an energy efficient home with the help of a skilled builder:
1. Consider the sun's position when deciding where to orient the house. Orient your home while considering whether you want a specific area to be more exposed to the sun or completely avoid direct heat, especially in certain seasons. For instance, in northern climates, south-facing windows tend to collect more heat from the sun, even in the winter.
2. You do not have to build an extremely huge house. A smaller house will be easier to heat, maintain, and cool. Talk to your builder on how you can maximize the spaces in each room if you are considering building a small home.
3. Educate yourself. There are certain terms that home builders may use when deciding the energy efficiency of a house. For instance, R-value pertains to a building material's ability to resist cold or the flow of heat. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which is used to describe an air conditioning unit's energy efficiency. 14 SEER is the minimum level for new homes. Efficient units have a higher SEER value.
Contact a skilled and knowledgeable home builder Boerne like Jim Boles to discuss more energy efficiency options for your custom home. Jim Boles Custom Homes has been building unique and beautiful homes in San Antonio and Boerne Texas for more than 16 years. You can count on Jim Boles Custom Homes to make an extraordinary home that are tailored to your personal lifestyle. We use the best materials to suit your budget and your style. Check out our portfolio in this website to see our previous projects.
Home Builder Boerne
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Home Builder Boerne
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