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Structural Drying Naples FL

Structural Drying Naples FL

Many homeowners are guilty of merely removing excess water from the home after a water leak or flood, especially if there's no apparent damage. Unfortunately, this is hardly a smart option. Water quickly penetrates the structures in the building, and if not dried properly, you may start to experience structural problems such as mold infestation or even structural issues. If your home has been affected by a water leak or flood, it's vital to invite professionals for structural drying in Naples, FL.

What is structural drying?

Structural drying entails removing excess moisture from materials or equipment until their dry standard is attained. 'Dry standard' here refers to the normal amount of moisture present in the said material. Once this amount is exceeded, the materials may become weak and prone to mold infestation.

Apart from the visible excess water that comes with a water leak or flood, you have to be worried about the moisture the materials that make up your building structure absorb. Structural drying in Florida is the professional way of ensuring the building materials desorb the excess moisture and save you from mold infestation or structural damage.

What are the steps involved in structural drying?

Water extraction

The first step in structural drying is to remove excess water from the building. Naples, FL, water damage restoration companies usually employ physical extraction but come with very powerful equipment that makes the work more efficient and effective. With the right equipment, you can remove excess water stored under the carpet without removing the carpet.


Once the visible excess water has been removed, the next process is to eliminate the remaining moisture via high-velocity air movers. These machines discharge high-pressure air in the building, and the air blows out the moisture that various materials may have absorbed. They also consume much less energy and are, therefore, more efficient.


Moisture is known to evaporate and stay in the air for long periods. If the moisture in the air is not eliminated, it can quickly settle on previously dried structures and materials. Dehumidification entails using high-power dehumidifiers to get rid of the water in the air inside the home.

What are the benefits of inviting professionals for structural drying?

Florida structural drying can be a complicated process. Without the right professionals, you'll hardly have access to the right equipment necessary for thorough drying. Professionals have high-grade equipment that they employ to measure the amount of moisture in a particular structure. After the measurement, they also rely on their expertise and equipment to remove the moisture.

Another reason why inviting professionals for structural drying is crucial is the strict temperature control necessary for effective drying. When the temperature is too low, evaporation will be delayed, and the drying process becomes slower. On the other hand, high temperatures will affect drying equipment, especially humidifiers. Naples structural drying professionals know the best temperature range for effective drying, and they have the expertise to ensure the range is not exceeded.

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Structural Drying Naples FL
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Structural Drying Naples FL
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